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The first product that the company succeeded in designing and mass production in 2013 is the frames of the hollow slab ceiling (Uboot) with polypropylene. The Uboot roof (hollow) is a structure system that is kind of double-sided hollow slab. In this structure system between the top and bottom strips mesh, polypropylene molds, called Uboot will replace the unconstrained concrete in the middle of the ceiling.

سقف وافل

waffle mold

The second product of the company is the waffle hollow slab mold. The idea of twosided waffle slabs introduced with nonpermanent molds in the first half of the 20th century and used in the United States since 1940 and due to its efficient performance in ceilings with large spans, its use rapidly increased. In Iran, many of the important buildings and infrastructure such as universities, hospitals and hotels, etc.

Some projects done by the company

یوبوت بازار پروتئین شیراز
یوبوت مجتمع مسکونی اصفهان
سقف وافل مجتمع تجاری اداری خرم اصفهان
یوبوت اکوپارک شیراز