The first product that the company succeeded in designing and mass production in 1392, is the template ceiling of the hollow slab (uboot) with polypropylene.

The uboot roof is a structure system that is kind of double-sided hollow slab. In this structure system , Between the top and bottom strips mesh, polypropylene molds, called uboot, will replace the unconstrained concrete in the middle of the ceiling. In this method, the bottom of the slab is completely flat because the uboots are buried between the slab.

The dimensions of the company’s Uboots are as follows


Reducing the volume of concrete and weight of the slab compared to the Cobiax slab and improved uboot

Increasing the thickness of the joists compared to the Cobiax slab and Increasing the shear and flexural strength of the slab


Base production in different sizes is 6-7.5-9-10 cm, Which causes the rebar of bottom mesh do not stick to the mold surface and slab hole cavity due to the weight of the upper rebar mesh and Ease of movement of the executive assembly on the blocks


Create an intermediate cavity in the middle of the block greatly increased the strength of the block against the pressures such as impact, concrete pump, workers weight, thermal stress of the suns radiation.

Remove the super lubricant due to the full penetration of concrete from the middle hole.

Removing the underlying ceiling problem due to an intermediate hole

Removal of cracks under the ceiling due to non-lubricating concrete.