waffle mold

Nonpermanent Blocks (Waffle):

The second product of the company is the waffle hollow slab mold. The idea of twosided waffle slabs introduced with nonpermanent molds in the first half of the 20th century and used in the United States since 1940 and due to its efficient performance in ceilings with large spans, its use rapidly increased. In Iran, many of the important buildings and infrastructure such as universities, hospitals and hotels, etc., have been built using this technology. The molds design of the Gonbad Firoozeh Company with great technical and economic benefits compared to the existing ones in the market. The ceiling mold is made of composite plastic which is very light and its glossy surface causes to use the bottom concrete view to be featured as expose. The slabs are also introduced in the 9th section of the National Building Regulations, with T-shaped “orthogonal beams”.

Steps to execute hollow slab with non-permanent molds:

• Foundation and preparation of ceiling.
• Molding
• Reinforcing
• Pouring concrete
• Opening the mold.

Advantages of Gonbad Firoozeh blocks compared to similar products:

• Possibility to t r a n s i t t h e installation pipes from concrete joints before pouring concrete .
• Shapely underlying ceiling exposure view (4-leaf Flower D e s i g n ) a n d removing joinery in joints and parking.
• The optimal and square dimensions of 80 × ۸۰ mold r e d u c i n g t h e consumption of concrete and rebar compared to other smaller and larger molds.
• No need for a single mold for closing the bottom of the middle joists by creating 3 cm seat at the edges of the mold and the use of a box in width of 6 cm or a scaffolding pipe for underlying ceiling .
• Occupying the least storage space in the workshop environment due to the insertion of molds into another one and low-cost transportation.
• The mold is very strong, and due to i m p a c t a n d throwing from the height, no cracks or fractures are created on the mold.

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