What is uboot? It is the name you have heard so many times. uboot roofs are made of concrete, rebar, and پلی‌پروپیلینی molds. What is a یوبوت system? A structural system consists of two – sided dissociation types in which at a distance between a high and low میلگردی, empty plastic blocks or polystyrene block instead of concrete concrete are in the middle. The roof is stripped of two layers of concrete, which are widely spaced at the top and bottom, and in the distance between the two layers, which are polyethylene or polypropylene, and polystyrene or polystyrene, respectively.

What is uboot ? the visual form ?

It is a cubical product that has different sizes and sizes depending on the needs of the project and design calculations. In the process of implementation of non – empty slabs by uboot, followed by the آرماتورگذاری of the bottom layer, the ubootها are placed next to each other on the bottom of the lower armature grid, and after placing an intermediate shear reinforcement and upper layer آرماتوربندی, the بتن‌ریزی is initiated. At the end, the signifier is formed as I and results in better performance and results. These molds are double, applicable to higher craters, and are implemented.

What is a  (hollow)of uboot?

Perhaps you might ask What is uboot – empty place would be like. The instruments in Italy were first made and used. after that, the speed of this structure was pervasive due to its numerous advantages and benefits, and in most countries it was used. The implementation and implementation of this roof are particularly used for large craters. This does not require much expertise, and with a simple training even workers can easily do it. uboot has different dimensions and dimensions ranging from 13 to 56 cm. Iran is allowed to use this type of ceiling only for buildings with reinforced concrete structures.

What is the implementation and implementation of the uboot ceiling?

The uboot roof has two دال in the top and bottom. It can be made of materials such as wood, Wood, metal, or کارتن. At the time of implementation of the یوبوت roof, first they must be closed according to the plan of the reinforcing steel. This should be carried out in such a way that it has been involved in any form of a rebar ceiling. It is best to reach about 20 cm spacing.

It should be noted that in the next step, all roof frames should be arranged according to the execution map at certain intervals set by the clauses on the frame. After this phase the armature grid is closed above the signifier.

What are the steps after the uboot closure?

بتن‌ریزی in two stages, after the closure of آرماتورانجام networks. In the first stage, a layer of concrete, accompanied with a lubricant, is about 5 to 10 cm to the base of the templates. After ویبره, this layer fully covers the surface below the uboot roof frames.

The second layer of بتن‌ریزی must be done when the second layer is not the barrier of the first layer. This layer of concrete is shed to some extent the thickness obtained by the supervisor. In the last stage, the following formats are taken and transferred to another level. This step can only be done after capturing concrete. After removing the templates, a number of Jacks or stools are placed under the roof to prevent any damage like cracking and deflection.

What are the benefits and benefits of using the uboot ceiling?

Each construct has its own advantages and disadvantages. Engineers shall make decisions after examining the environment and the type of building about the use of its structure. If there is sufficient information on the pros and cons of a structure, a better decision is made. Some of the benefits of the ubootroof are as follows:

The uboot roof can be used to implement and implement large – scale consoles and consoles.

There is no need to perform a bed or arrow using the uboot roof.

Theuboot ceiling is strong and strong against the earthquake.

– The buildings in the form of irregular shapes are the ceiling of the best choice. It can also be easily accomplished using this نامنظم roof.

What is the performance what is uboot ceiling in the face of an earthquake? It increases the resistance by distribution and distribution of forces symmetrically and evenly.

– The roof of uboot is very resistant to fire.

What are the disadvantages of the uboot ceiling?

At the بتن‌ریزی time of the uboot roof, the concrete is likely to fall below the templates and cause the شدن of the surface of signifiers.

Workers must be very careful when the roof of the roof is implemented, because the roof frames are sensitive and can easily change or break. This sensitivity makes it difficult to keep them at a workshop in particular and in particular situations.

Sometimes, at the time of بتن‌ریزی, the concrete penetrates into the uboot bars and leads to the high – load rise in the roof.

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